I guess everyone has heard about Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Ethereum… etc as well as some other related terms like Digital Wallet, Ledger, Bitcoin Mining… At first, things may look rather messy and overwhelming, so let’s try to simplify it and link these concepts to our real word. To begin with, the concept of cryptocurrency was […]


تكثر في الآونة الاخيرة عمليات القرصنة والاختراقات الإلكترونية، ونظراً لتشعّب الموضوع ولما يحمله من تعقيدات تقنيّة، سوف أقوم بشرح علمي، واقعي ومبسّط لمختلف أنواع الإختراقات وفئات المقرصنين وطبيعة عملهم وأهدافهم ولماذا تصعب عملية إيقافهم او السيطرة عليهم أنواع المقرصنين  Anonymous المقرصن الذي يخدم قضية ما عن إقتناع مثلا : Hactivists المقرصن الذي يهدف إلى تجنيد إرهابيين مثلا داعش : Terrorists […]


The Easiest way to have your systems hacked and losing all Data: Social Engineering! What is it? And How to Protect Yourself & Your Companies! We all know there is nothing called 100 % Security when it comes to IT & Cyber Security. All companies tend to increase the Security Level against any hack attempt […]

Everything is Online! Whenever we want to search for anything “Brand, Images, Products, Services… etc” or even our own name, we go and search online! The result you get will tell you if whatever you are searching for is something valuable or trustable. Have you ever tried to search for your brand name or your […]

Social Media, Social Networking, Digital Media, Digital Marketing…etc. Too many technical terms defining several related and close topics, which lead to a conflict for the audience in understanding Social Media. Why it is difficult to understand Social Media? To start with, Social Media is a new concept used by 1/3 of the population (Almost 2 […]