The Easiest way to have your systems hacked and losing all Data: Social Engineering! by Roland Abi Najem

The Easiest way to have your systems hacked and losing all Data: Social Engineering!
What is it? And How to Protect Yourself & Your Companies!

We all know there is nothing called 100 % Security when it comes to IT & Cyber Security.

All companies tend to increase the Security Level against any hack attempt to a certain website or local Datacenter and servers by increasing the Firewalls and blocking all access and traffic from outside to inside. This is GREAT! But not enough at all.

It is Highly Important to FOCUS on the Traffic going out from your network and local computers also! You might be losing sensitive data going out from your network to an external network!

What is Social Engineering? What does it mean?

A simple explanation would be in a simple example:

Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Apple… etc. are tops companies online, but still, we always hear that this Facebook account has been hacked and this Hotmail account was hacked and so on…

What can we conclude? We can clearly identify that even if you have the highest level of security in your organization, but the end user wasn’t trained well and he/she doesn’t know the basics of IT, all the security will be meaningless!!!

You would be surprised that the easiest way of hacking is making the end-user gives you his username and password without even knowing that he did so!

This is the simplest way to explain Social Engineering!

Any Security Measures that doesn’t take into considerations the 3 Main aspects of IT Security & Cyber Security (Monitoring Outbound Traffic & Inbound Traffic & Social Engineering) is useless.

Protect yourself against Social Engineering! Train your Staff from Chairman, CEO to Data Entry people!!!

Roland Abi Najem

IT & Digital Marketing Consultant – Public Speaker – Trainer

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Roland Abi Najem

Roland Abi Najem

Founder & CEO at Revotips - Cybersecurity & Digital Transformation Consultancy - MBA Instructor at AUST - Public Speaker

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