Why Creating a Strong & Professional Online Presence is Something We All Need? - By Roland Abi Najem

Why Creating a Strong & Professional Online Presence is Something We All Need - By Roland Abi Najem

Everything is Online! Whenever we want to search for anything “Brand, Images, Products, Services… etc” or even our own name, we go and search online!

The result you get will tell you if whatever you are searching for is something valuable or trustable.

Have you ever tried to search for your brand name or your name? Are you satisfied from the results? Is the search engine result page reflect your image? Do you consider that this result (in terms of links, Images, Video, Social Media… etc) tells exactly who you are?

If the answer in no, and I am sure it is no since creating a strong online presence is a continuous process that never ends, here is what you should do.

Having a strong online presence is a crucial component of your marketing strategy and image reputation, no matter what size your business is or what industry it belongs to or even if you are working on a personal level.

So here are three of the first things you need to look at when building your online presence:

  1. Your Website

All businesses, no matter how small, should have a website. It can be extremely basic, but it should contain the fundamental information customers whether existing or potential need.

The main issues to focus at when creating your website nowadays are:

  • Responsive Website: where your website should adapt to any screen size where people can open your website from Desktop, Laptop, Tablet & Smartphone.
  • Friendly User Interface: Where users should navigate easily your website and directly find whatever they are looking for.
  1. Search Engine Optimization

Almost 90 % of consumers use search engines to research a product, service or business before making a decision. To take advantage of this, you need to make sure to look at search engine optimization (SEO) for your website.

In case you’re not completely sure what SEO means, how it works, or why it’s important, here’s a quick introduction:

  • SEO is to make it easy for search engines (Like Google) to find your website.
  • People tend to trust search engines, so websites that appear high in results pages are more likely to receive traffic.
  • You can implement SEO using search-engine friendly methods to improve your website Ranking
  • Everyone should use SEO because anyone who has information that people want to find on the internet should be using SEO techniques.
  • SEO is an ongoing process. It’s important to monitor the information on your website and make sure it’s current and correct. Search engines also love new content, which is why starting a blog can do wonders for your SEO
  1. Social media (SMO – Social Media Optimization)

Having a strong presence on Social Media will enhance your online presence Big Time!

Why? Simply because top websites worldwide nowadays are social media websites, meaning when you search for anything, you will get Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube …etc results first!

Do I need to be present & active on all social media Platforms? Sure NO!

You have to be present on Main Social Media Platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram & Google +, in addition to the social media platforms related to your business (for example if you work in fashion, go to Pinterest!

Use the Social Media Life Cycle (Recruit More Followers – Engage Your Followers – Convert Them into Loyal Customers) and this will generate direct ROI (Return On Investment)

All above points are basics to start building your online presence.

Do you want to know more and build a professional online presence, just contact me J

Don’t forget to Google my name first!

Roland Abi Najem


Roland Abi Najem

Roland Abi Najem

Founder & CEO at Revotips - Cybersecurity & Digital Transformation Consultancy - MBA Instructor at AUST - Public Speaker

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